Construction Permits

Wind Farm Land Development Permit

WREG prepared the Air Pollutant Emission Notice (APEN) and fugitive dust land development permit application for the Golden Prairie Wind Farm located in southeastern Colorado. Based on project data supplied, WREG calculated emissions, ...

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State Steam Plant Permit

WREG prepared a construction permit application for Public Service Company of Colorado for installation of a large natural-gas fired boiler at the State Steam Plant in Denver. Project included calculating emissions, determining applicable requirements, and ...

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Tri-State Generation and Transmission Support

WREG has provided support to Tri-State Generation and Transmission for a number of facilities in the western United States. Projects have included: An operating permit renewal application for the Rifle Generating Station, a combustion ...

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Toltec Power Station Permit Application

WREG assisted Toltec Power Station, LLC with permitting for a planned 2,000 megawatt natural gas-fired combustion turbine project near Eloy, Arizona. WREG prepared a combined construction/operating permit application for submission to Pinal County. ...

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Temporary Power Modules

In the summer of 2001, Platte River Power Authority placed 31 leased, trailer-mounted, diesel-fired power modules at the Rawhide Energy Station in northern Larimer County, Colorado. WREG prepared permit applications and assisted with permit negotiations. The power modules ...

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Solution Mining and Mineral Processing Permit Revisions

WREG assisted a solution mining and mineral processing client in revising their Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permits to incorporate a number of substantive technology and emission changes that ...

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Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site Support

WREG personnel provided Kaiser-Hill Company and the US Department of Energy (DOE) air compliance, monitoring, and research support for the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS) from 1996-2006. One of WREG’s ...

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Refinery Construction Permits

WREG assisted a refinery client in Wyoming in preparing two construction permit applications. One was focused on expansion of the crude unit and included a detailed netting analysis to avoid major modification requirements for nitrogen oxides (NOx). ...

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Platte River Power Authority Combustion Turbine Projects

WREG has prepared Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permit applications for five simple-cycle, natural gas-fired combustion turbines at Platte River Power Authority’s Rawhide Energy Station in northern Larimer County, ...

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Panda Gila River Project Permit

WREG prepared the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and operating permit application for the Panda Gila River Project in Maricopa County, Arizona. The project was developed by Panda Gila River, LP. The ...

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Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production Air Quality Support

WREG has provided day-to-day permitting and compliance support for a global oil and gas firm for several years. Activities have included preparation of ...

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Malt Beverages

WREG’s Principals have provided air quality assistance to a major malt beverage manufacturer since the early 1990s. With facilities around the country, including major facilities in Colorado, projects have included: Construction permit for a modification of brewlines and associated equipment. ...

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Brick and Tile Manufacturing

WREG prepared a synthetic minor hazardous air pollutant (HAP) construction permit application for a brick and tile manufacturing facility in Pueblo, Colorado. An operating permit application was also prepared for this facility.

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Bowie Power Station Permit Application

Bowie Power Station, LLC, retained WREG to prepare a combined construction/operating air permit application for a 1,000-megawatt natural gas-fired combustion turbine project to be located in southeast Arizona. The permit application included a description ...

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Boiler and Emergency Generator Permits

WREG assisted with resolving permitting issues associated with emergency generators located at a computer data center in Boulder, Colorado. The state Air Pollution Control Division (APCD) asserted that Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) ...

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