Wind River Environmental Group LLCOur experience and expertise. Our team members’ careers have developed in parallel with the Clean Air Act; we’re hardly newcomers to the discipline. Our team includes engineers, scientists, and regulatory experts, each with a proven track record. There’s no substitute for that kind of experience.

Our approach to projects. Staffing is critical to any project and our flexible organization allows us to provide the technical expertise appropriate for your needs. We keep our quality of services high and our costs in line by ensuring that each project team member is a contributing technical professional. Our Principals don’t just market or supervise, but instead actively participate in each project. In our organization, complex analyses are not delegated to inexperienced personnel. The correct expertise is applied to each challenge.

Our diverse perspectives. Consulting provides opportunities to see many problems and many solutions. The breadth is valuable ⎯ what’s learned on one project may be just the idea someone else needs down the road. But depth is important, too. Several of us have been responsible for ensuring that a facility is in compliance with environmental requirements on a day-to-day basis. We understand the importance of budget limitations, corporate policy, and corporate culture, and know that each organization has its own way of doing business. We’ve also been on the other side of the fence ⎯ working for regulatory agencies responsible for implementing and enforcing air quality regulations. We recognize that industry and agencies don’t always speak the same language or understand what drives the other. Our experience with both ensures our credibility as a go between.

Our extensive contacts. Our years of experience plus the diverse backgrounds of our Principals and Technical Partners ensure that we are “plugged in” to the air quality scene, both regionally and nationally. That translates into an extended network of contacts that we can put to work for our clients. We know where to find information and who to talk to. Through our personal networks in the air quality field, we can get answers. If your needs go beyond air quality, we can tap into other organizations that we know that provide engineering, health and safety, or broad environmental expertise.

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